Charlie Delta Ltd and A&T Forwarding Forge Strategic Alliance in Romania

1 March, 2024

Charlie Delta Ltd is excited to unveil a strategic partnership with A&T Forwarding, a Romanian logistics leader driven by industry pioneers Adina Hansa and Octavian Carder. This alliance represents a significant step forward in our quest to bolster our service portfolio and enhance operational efficiency throughout Romania and eastern Europe.

A New Era of Logistics Excellence

Adina Hansa and Octavian Carder, the visionaries behind A&T Forwarding, deliver unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and a history of achievements. Their innovative approach to solving logistical challenges, deep understanding of market trends, and unwavering commitment to quality have established A&T Forwarding as a top-tier logistics partner in Romania.

Charlie Delta’s CEO, Carl Day, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Teaming up with A&T Forwarding reflects our mutual goal to exceed in service quality, operational excellence, and client satisfaction. Adina and Octavian’s values and dedication align with Charlie Delta’s ethos, ensuring top-notch logistics solutions for our customers. Their profound knowledge of the Romanian market, enriched with a global outlook, is set to drive our success together.”

Transforming the Logistics Landscape

The collaboration between Charlie Delta Ltd and A&T Forwarding transcends a mere business deal. It symbolizes a union of two entities dedicated to redefining industry standards in logistics and forwarding. Adina Hansa, CEO of A&T Forwarding, shares her optimism: “Our alliance with Charlie Delta emboldens our capability to address the logistics industry’s complexities, promising reliable and ground-breaking services to our clients in Romania and elsewhere. This strategic move underscores our pursuit of excellence and continuous service improvement.”

Therefore, anyone looking for robust, secure and fit for purpose solutions, within these markets, do not hesitate to get in contact.

Keep an eye out for future announcements on how this partnership will revolutionise logistics and forwarding services in Romania and beyond.

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About Charlie Delta Ltd

A leader in logistics and forwarding solutions, from freight enhanced Ai technology to state of the art cargo tracking solutions, Charlie Delta Ltd commits to unparalleled excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Offering a wide array of services, Charlie Delta Ltd caters to the intricate demands of its valued clientele.

About A&T Forwarding

Co-founded by Adina Hansa and Octavian Carder, A&T Forwarding leads the Romanian logistics sector with its professional ethos, cutting-edge solutions, and exceptional service quality.