25 July, 2023

HMRC Update: Phased Plan for Export declaration to CDS migration. 
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced a new phased approach for businesses moving export declarations to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). This follows feedback from industry, which requested more time to migrate to the new system. 
Under the new approach, selected high-volume declarants will be able to move to CDS for exports by 30 November 2023. All other businesses will have until 30 March 2024 to make the switch. 
This phased approach will allow HMRC and its delivery partners to build on the existing IT testing and undertake additional performance analysis. It will also give them more time to support businesses with the migration process. 
CDS is replacing the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) service and provides businesses with a more user-friendly, streamlined system which offers greater functionality. 
Sarah Hartley, Director of Border Change Delivery at HMRC, said: “Having worked closely with our industry partners, we’re introducing a phased approach for moving export declarations to CDS. Those businesses who have the IT functionality in place are still able to move across to CDS by Thursday 30 November 2023, ahead of the majority who will now migrate at the beginning of 2024.” 
She concluded “Full guidance, resources and support will be available for all declarants to ensure the transition across to CDS is as smooth as possible for every business”. 
Clive Brady, Chairman of the The Bonded Warehousekeepers Association (BWA), said: “We fully support HMRC’s rephasing of the CDS migration. It’s great to see that HMRC collaboration with industry has worked, and does work” 
Declarants who can move to CDS by 30 November 2023 will be contacted by HMRC or their software developer in September. 
This update was provided by The Bonded Warehousekeepers Association (BWA) so demonstrates the value of being a member of such a influential body.